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Uninstall Agent

Standard Method

If you installed Bleemeo agent with the standard method, it's installed using your system packaging tools. You could therefore remove it like any system packages.

On Ubuntu or Debian, the following command will uninstall Bleemeo agent:

$ sudo apt-get remove bleemeo-agent glouton

You may also want to run the following command to remove dependencies that are no longer required:

$ sudo apt-get autoremove

Finally, you could remove our software repository:

$ sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/bleemeo-*.list
$ sudo apt-get update

Using Docker

If you run Bleemeo agent using Docker image, uninstalling agent is as simple as destroying the containers:

$ docker stop bleemeo-agent
$ docker rm bleemeo-agent

You may also want to remove the images to free some disk space:

$ docker rmi bleemeo/bleemeo-agent

Manual Method

If you did a manual installation by following our steps, Bleemeo agent is installed under /usr/local/sbin/glouton.

  • First, stop Bleemeo agent:
$ sudo -u glouton pkill glouton
  • You could then remove /usr/local/sbin/glouton:
$ sudo rm /usr/local/sbin/glouton