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To configure a monitor, you first need to select the type of monitor you want: HTTP, HTTPS, ICMP, TCP and SSL TCP checks are supported by our monitors.

monitor type

On the main edit page, you have to define the URL you want to check.

monitor edit

By default, European public probes with availability and latency are enabled.

You have the choice to disable/enable the availability and latency for the European probes and for the probes we have in Ohio and Singapore.

You can also add private probes (Glouton) that you have installed on your servers, in our case these are the tls01-k8s01 and tls01-web01 probes, the same as the public probes, you can activate the availability and latency for each.

Public probes are limited by the number of our probes (5), you can put as many private probes as you have Glouton (version >= connected to your account.


You may enter some advanced options like the response code expected (in case of HTTPS), if some text must be present or absent from the answer and add HTTP headers if you want.

monitor options