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Health Checks Dashboards

On this page you can see a list of health checks. By default only the ones with problems are displayed.

healthcheck dashboard

You can filter them by agent's hostname or name, or display only the one with a specific status. The list is ordered by agent's hostname and entity name.

The columns are:

  • the origin
  • the entity name
  • a text explaining the problem
  • the date of the last change of state for this entity

This page is useful to see at a glance which health checks currently have problems. You can see your healthcheck dashboard.

Health Checks details​

There are two types of healthcheck:

  • Account's health checks
  • Agent's health checks

Account's health checks​

NameDescriptionHow to fix
2FA for usersThis check verifies that all users of the account have set the 2FAAdd 2FA on all account's users
Passwords ageThis check warns you if any of the account users have not changed their password for more than a year.Change your password more frequently
Reaching account limitsThis check warns you if you are close to your agent limits, monitors or recording rule if your accountContact our support
Report creationThis check informs you that you can create a report on a monitor if you have not already doneCreate monitor report on panel
Suggest reservationThis check alerts you if you have a reservation in progress that will be ending soonRenew your reservation
Upgrade planThis check informs you that you could have more metrics and information on your containers present on your servers if you hadUpgrade your plan

Agent's health checks​

NameDescriptionHow to fix
Agent outdatedThis check verifies that the version of Glouton is not inferior to the recommended versionUpgrade Glouton
Configuration warningThis check verifies that you have no problems in the Glouton configuration files.Check your configuration files
Duplicated agentThis check verifies that you do not have several Glouton processes running on the same serverLink to fix
Glouton auto-upgradeThis check verifies that the Glouton is auto-upgrading, if this is possibleUse auto-upgrade
IPMI installThis check alerts you if you don't have IPMI installed and it could be useful.Install IPMI
Pending security upgradesThis check verifies that you have no pending security updates on your server.Update security packages on your server
Reaching agent limitsThis check warns you if you are approaching the limit for the number of metrics per GloutonContact our support
Service configuration neededThis check verifies that the services that require configuration are properly configuredA service needs configuration
Smartctl installThis check alerts you if you do not have smartctl installed on your server and it could be useful.Install smartctl
Swap neededThis check looks at your memory usage over the last week and suggests you add swap if it makes sense.Add swap on your server