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πŸ”Ή What interest in a cloud monitoring solution?​

Cloud Monitoring is an easy and fast to deploy. You can scale as you go and it's highly available: everything is designed to be redundant, monitored and available (difficult to achieve with on premise setup)

πŸ”Ή Why Bleemeo rather than an Open Source solution?​

We could summarize the advantages of a Cloud solution rather than a on premise solution:

  • no initial investment (server, installation, time for your teams)
  • highly available: difficult to reach without great effort a Nagios server with the same availability
  • scalable: without any engineering effort, without server, your monitoring solution grows with you
  • benefit from all updates automatically and without efforts

πŸ”Ή Who are your customers?​

We work a lot with SaaS editors: Cenareo,, Sierra Wireless, showcase sites: Les Pepites Tech, edge-computing offers, and many other companies.

πŸ”Ή Where is your solution hosted?​

The servers are hosted on AWS, in Paris region (probes are located in Frankfort, Ohio and Singapore). AWS is a one of the world leader of the Cloud market and is recognized for strong security process in their Datacenters.

πŸ”Ή Do you have an API?​

Bleemeo propose a REST API. This API is used by our web interface and the mobile application. You can browser the API on

πŸ”Ή What are the main features of your solution?​

  • speed and ease of deployment (30 seconds between agent installation and dashboard with metrics on the web interface)
  • "Real time" dashboard of your server metrics (10s interval between two readings)
  • customizable dashboards
  • monitoring of "stacks": define services of the same type with tags (web service xxx, cluster database). Regardless of your number of servers in the cluster, you are monitoring the service.
  • monitoring from external points around the world: Europe, Asia, North America
  • slack notification, mobile app, email, SMS, webhook, etc.

πŸ”Ή How can I trust the agent installed on my machines?​

Bleemeo agent is written in GO and code is Open Source under the Apache license. Sources are available on our github Feel free to read, audit and even contribute to the code source.

πŸ”Ή What is the pricing model?​

Bleemeo charge a usage-based per server connected per month. Our pricing and plans are available on our website at Our billing granularity is per hour, it means that every hour your server is connected, usage will be billed. If you only connect two hours a month (on an elastic infrastructure for example), you will only be billed for two hours.

The Enterprise plan allows prices to be adjusted according to needs: data retention, frequency of data return.

πŸ”Ή Do you propose an on-premise solution?​

No, right now we only have the Cloud offer available.

πŸ”Ή Do you propose professional services to setup monitoring?​

Our team has a strong expertise in monitoring and operating issues. Our professional services team is available for setting up your current solution and providing advice. We know how to support you on issues of evolution of your monitoring, deployment of Bleemeo, based on the Open Source components of Bleemeo (Glouton, SquirrelDB) Support on Open Source tools developed by Bleemeo (Glouton, SquirrelDB)

πŸ”Ή I already have an Open Source monitoring stack in place, what can Bleemeo do for me?​

Switching to our Cloud offer let you benefit from the usual SaaS offers: no infrastructure to setup and maintain, no software deployment to do and maintain. No internal competencies or time needed. We propose a calculator to let you compare the prices of hosting your own monitoring and using our Cloud offer.

πŸ”Ή Which machines are counted as servers in the billing?​

Every machine is considered as a server: physical and virtual server. For each server monitored, you will have an in details view of the server internals. It makes sense to deploy an agent on a physical host hosting virtual machines as you may want metrics and internal details of physical and virtual machines. You don't need to deploy an agent for every container, agent should be deployed at the host level.

In summary: you need to deploy an agent for each Operating System kernel.

πŸ”Ή I want to get started with Bleemeo today, how is it going?​

Nothing more simple! Make your signup here: and follow the steps to deploy your first agent. You should be up and running in 30 seconds: you will have all of your Dashboards created automatically πŸ˜‰.

πŸ”Ή In terms of the confidentiality of my data, what is Bleemeo in place to protect it?​

Data is stored on our hosting partner (Amazon Web Services) Paris region. AWS is known for having strong security requirements in term of physical Data Centers and network access.

πŸ”Ή What is your process for updates?​

We made the choice to let our users control the updates. But rest assured, we will send you a little email when the agent is to be updated.