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🚀 Getting Started with Bleemeo Community Edition

Community Edition Community Edition

The Bleemeo Community Edition is the Open Source and self hosted version of the Bleemeo monitoring solution.

  • Prometheus compatible

    Glouton exposes a Prometheus metric endpoint and SquirrelDB supports remote Prometheus storage and PromQL queries.

  • Robust and horizontally scalable

    SquirrelDB and the Ingestor are designed to be scalable.

  • Push model

    A push model instead of the Prometheus pull model makes data collection more firewall friendly and easier to scale.

  • Secure

    All communications can be encrypted and authenticated.

It is composed of three main components:

  • Glouton: a powerful monitoring agent, that exposes relevant metrics about your system and all services and containers running on your server.
  • SquirrelDB: a scalable and highly available timeseries database.
  • SquirrelDB Ingestor: forward metrics sent by Glouton over MQTT, a standard messaging system, to SquirrelDB.

And some third party components:

  • Cassandra: a distributed database used for SquirrelDB long term storage.
  • NATS: a high-performance messaging system used as a MQTT broker by Glouton to send its metrics. The MQTT protocol is much lighter in terms of resources and bandwidth than HTTP, which is commonly used in Prometheus.
  • Grafana: display the metrics and provide alerting.

Install and configure these components to have a fully working monitoring infrastructure.