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Monitor Dashboards

Monitor List​

On this page you can see a list of monitors. You can see your monitor list.

monitor list

On the list of monitors, you can see one box per monitor, each of these boxes have:

  • The url of the monitor
  • Average response time
  • Last 30 days uptime (%)
  • Last 30 days incident count
  • Public/Private probes selected

Monitor Dashboards​

Monitor dashboard is a dashboard template, it's customizable in dashboard template tab.

By default, you have the metrics you'll find in the list, plus the following metrics:

  • SSL expiration
  • Domain expiration
  • Response time by scraper
  • Average response time by phases time
  • All phases by scraper

We display the different phases of the monitor connection:

  • DNS resolution
    • The client tries to resolve the domain name for the request
  • TCP connection
    • Client establishes TCP connection with the IP address of the monitored site
  • TLS handshake (HTTPS and SSL monitor only)
    • Phase where a secure communication is negotiated and created between two participants
  • Processing (HTTP and HTTPS monitor only)
    • Client waits for the server to respond to the request
  • Transfer (HTTP and HTTPS monitor only)
    • Client loads the content of the response

monitor dashboard 1 monitor dashboard 2