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"Trial" plan​

At the account creation, you will be in the "Trial" plan. You will be able to stay in this plan for 15 days after the signup. In this plan, you have the same functionalities as in the "Professional" plan which allows you to test everything that Bleemeo offers.


You are limited to 3 servers and 5 monitors in "Trial" plan. If you add a payment mean and switch to "Professional" or "Starter" plan, this limitation will be removed and you will be able to add up to 100 servers and 20 monitors. If you need more servers and monitors, please contact our support team.

Switch to next plan​

Once the 15 days have passed, if you have a payment mean you will automatically switch to the "Professional" plan otherwise you will go to the "Free" plan. You can always add a payment mean to switch back to a paid plan if you have switched to the free plan.