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Docker Metrics

Agent gathers the following metrics:

  • containers_count: Number of running Docker containers.

In addition to the above global metric, the following information are retrieved per Docker container:

  • Name of the container.
  • Docker ID of the container.
  • Status of the container (running, stopped, ...).
  • Date when the container is created, started and/or stopped.
  • Image name used to create the container.
  • Command used to create the container.
  • A copy of Docker inspect for the container.

The above information are not archived: only latest value is available, and when a container is destroyed, the information for this container are deleted.

Finally, for each container, Agent gathers the following metrics:

container_cpu_usedCPU used by container in percent.
container_health_statusStatus of Docker container, if your container has an HEALTHCHECK defined, this metric will contains the result of this check
container_io_read_bytesDisk read throughput of container in bytes per second
container_io_write_bytesDisk write throughput of container in bytes per second
container_mem_usedMemory used by container in bytes
container_mem_used_percMemory used by container in percent
container_mem_used_perc_statusStatus of memory used by container
container_net_bits_recvNetwork traffic received by container in bits per second
container_net_bits_sentNetwork traffic sent by container in bits per second

Docker Labels

The following labels are known by Bleemeo agent:

  • glouton.enable: If false, Bleemeo agent will ignore the container. Once ignored, information and metrics of this container won't be gathered and any service running in this container won't be discovered.
  • glouton.check.ignore.port.80: If true, Bleemeo agent skip check on port 80 that auto-discovered may wrongly detected. This option isn't limited to port 80, and any other value could be used.
  •,, Configure Bleemeo agent to scrape a Prometheus metric exporter. See See the Prometheus page for details.
  • glouton.allow_metrics, glouton.deny_metrics, glouton.include_default_metrics: Configure which Prometheus metrics are scrapped. See See the Prometheus page for details.

Filtering monitored container

You can configure which container will be monitored by Bleemeo agent. In addition to the label glouton.enable described above, the following could be added in Bleemeo agent configuration:

allow_by_default: true
- "bleemeo_*"
- "bleemeo_ephemeral"
- "bleemeo_builder"

This will:

  • allow_by_default enable monitoring of container when the container name is neither allowed/denied by the list or when the container don't have the label glouton.enable. If unspecified, allow_by_default is enabled.
  • deny_list is a list of container name that will not be monitored. They are not monitored even if also present in allow_list or with a label glouton.enable. The deny_list take precedence over other configuration.
  • allow_list is a list of container name that will be monitored, unless excluded by the deny_list. Allow list take precedence over a label glouton.enable

For both the allow_list and the deny_list, you can use plain name or use pattern with the * wildcard. In above example bleemeo_* match anything that start with bleemeo_.