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Key Process Metrics

Agent gathers metrics for processes of discovered services. Currently only automatically discovered services are monitored.

If the services is running multiple processes (for example PostgreSQL, which have one process per client), the metrics will summarize all processes.

Agent gathers the following metrics:

process_context_switchNumber of context switch caused by the processes
process_cpu_systemCPU used in system call by the processes in percent
process_cpu_userCPU used in user-mode by the processes in percent
process_io_read_bytesDisk read throughput for the processes in bytes
process_io_write_bytesDisk write throughput for the processes in bytes
process_major_faultNumber of major fault (memory access requiring IO) caused by the processes
process_mem_bytesMemory used by the processes in bytes
process_num_procsNumber of process in the group
process_num_threadsNumber of threads in the group
process_open_filedescNumber of files opened the processes
process_worst_fd_ratioWorse FD ratio (open files / limit) amount the processes

Note: monitoring the processes has a small impact on agent's CPU usage. If you don't need those metrics and want to save some CPU cycle, you can disable gathering of processes metrics by adding the following to /etc/glouton/conf.d/99-local.conf:

enable: false