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In the subscription page, you can create a reservation.

It's an engagement to use (pay) this amount of service every month. If you use the amount reserved, only the initial reservation will be paid, if you use more, additional services will be billed at plan price and if you use less, you will use all months credits. Unused credits are not transferred for later use.

This allows agents to pre-pay, depending of the duration of the pre-payment you will have a discount.

ย Durationย ย Discount ย 
For 12 months-10%ย 
ย For 24 monthsย -15%ย 
ย For 36 monthsย -20%ย 

You must choose for how many agents, duration of the reservation and this will be done with the current plan.


Once the reservation is paid, you will not be able to change plans until it is completed.

You can also add a description for the reservation to help you find it. If it remains unset, it will be generated automatically with the fields you have filled in.

Reservations List

Once the form is completed and clicked on the reserve button. This opens a confirmation modal with a summary of the information.

Modal Reservations

If all the information is correct, you can click on the pay button. Depending on the active payment method, you will have different behaviors:

  • If you are in CB, the process will succeed or fail directly, you just have to look at the status of the reservation.
  • If you are in SEPA, the process will go pending until the moment we have the payments, the creation of vouchers will be done at that time.
  • If you are in Bank transfer, we will create the vouchers once the payment has been received from us.

Once your reservation is in the success state, everything is paid and that the vouchers have been generated.

This will create a recurring voucher equivalent to the number of agents and the duration you have selected.

Vouchers Reservations

A paid reservation is not refundable, please contact our support in case of a problem.