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Integrate with Telegram​


Bleemeo created a default Telegram integration.

You can create a new Telegram integration for this, you need to write a unique name in the Integration name field and create it. Here is an example below:

Screenshot Telegram integration

Notify with Telegram​

To create a rule from your notification page, choose the Telegram created in the drop-down list of the integration and you must fill one parameter:

  • Enter the chat_id that will receive notifications.

The following instruction explain how to get your chat_id​

Add BleemeoBot on Telegram, Launch BleemeoBot and retrieve the chat_id:

Add BleemeoBot on Telegram Start BleemeoBot on Telegram

Use this chat_id in notification creation:

Configure Telegram notifications in Bleemeo


You can add @BleemeoBot in group channel and repeat the same thing if you want to receive notifications in a group.