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Integrate with OVH (SMS)​

Bleemeo can send a message with OVH.

To create integration you must fill 4 parameters:

  • your sender_name. You must create/activate: OVH Senders after ordering sms
  • your application_key.
  • your application_secret.
  • your consumer_key.

For application_key and application_secret, you must create an application.

Then create consumer_key in python shell:

import ovh

# create a client using configuration
client = ovh.Client('ovh-eu', application_key='your_application_key', application_secret='your_application_secret', consumer_key='' )

# Request RO, /me API access
ck = client.new_consumer_key_request()
ck.add_rules(ovh.API_READ_ONLY, "/me")
ck.add_recursive_rules(ovh.API_READ_ONLY, "/me")
ck.add_recursive_rules(ovh.API_READ_WRITE, "/sms")

# Request token
validation = ck.request()

print("Please visit %s to authenticate" % validation['validationUrl'])
input("and press Enter to continue...")

# Print nice welcome message
print("Welcome", client.get('/me')['firstname'])
print("Btw, your 'consumerKey' is '%s'" % validation['consumerKey'])

Add an integration from your integration settings page choose the type OVH SMS and copy your sender_name, application_key, application_secret and your consumer_key:

Configure OVH integration in Bleemeo

Notify with OVH (SMS)​

To create a rule from your notification page, choose the OVH SMS created in the drop-down list of the integration and you must fill one parameter:

  • Enter the phone number that will receive notifications.

Here is an example bellow:

Configuration of OVH notification in Bleemeo