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Microsoft Teams

Integrate with Microsoft Teams​


Bleemeo created a default Teams integration.

You can create a new Microsoft Teams integration for this, you need to write a unique name in the Integration name field and create it. Here is an example below:

Screenshot Teams integration

Notify with Microsoft Teams​

Bleemeo notifications can be delivered in a Teams channel.

For using notifications with Microsoft Teams, you need:

  • Teams Team, you can create a Teams Team on create-a-staff-team-in-microsoft-teams.
  • A channel for receiving notifications.
  • To create a connector, you need to log in to a Microsoft Teams and click on More options (...) button then choose connectors. In the search button, type Bleemeo and follow the instructions.
  • Copy the webhook teams URL and create a new rule from your notification page, choose Teams in the drop-down list of integration and you must fill the parameter.

Here is an example bellow:

Configure Teams notification in Bleemeo