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Integrate with Discord​


Bleemeo created a default Discord integration.

You can create a new Discord integration for this, you need to write a unique name in the Integration name field and create it. Here is an example below:

Screenshot discord integration

Notify with Discord​

Bleemeo notifications can be delivered in a Discord channel.

For using notifications with Discord, you need:

  • a Discord channel
  • access as administrator on the discord channel to configure incoming webhook

For that, you need to define in your Discord configuration an incoming webhook.

(You can use the Discord documentation if you need help)

  • Open your Server Settings and head into the Integrations tab
  • Click the Create Webhook button to create a new webhook!

Configuring an incoming webhook in Discord 1

Configuring an incoming webhook in Discord 2

Copy the webhook URL generated by Discord in Bleemeo notification configuration:

Configure Discord notifications in Bleemeo