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🔎 Troubleshooting SquirrelDB Times Series Database

SquirrelDB exposes several debug endpoints.

You need to understand a few concepts to understand the output of the index debug endpoints:

  • shards are used to distribute index data among Cassandras, a shard corresponds to a week of data. The shards are only used in the index.
  • a posting corresponds to a label name and value, it allows to get all metrics where a label is present.

Index info

You can check the global index state on /debug/index_info.

It supports the URL parameter metricID: ?metricID=12: provides information on the metric with the ID 12.

Index dump

You can see all known metrics on /debug/index_dump.

You may want to dump the metrics by labels, expiration, shard or posting:

  • /debug/index_dump_by_labels?query=cpu_used{instance="argon:8015"}: metrics matching the labels in the query
  • /debug/index_dump_by_expiration?date=2006-01-02: metrics that might expire at a given date
  • /debug/index_dump_by_shard?shard_time=2006-01-02: metrics in given shard
  • /debug/index_dump_by_posting?name=disk_used&value=/: metrics in given posting
  • /debug/index_dump_by_posting?shard_time=2006-01-02&name=disk_used: metrics in given postings and shard