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📥 SquirrelDB Installation


SquirrelDB requires Cassandra to store its metrics.

You can follow the Cassandra installation documentation, or run it with Docker:

# The network is needed only if you run SquirrelDB with Docker.
docker network create squirreldb

docker run -d --name squirreldb-cassandra -p --restart unless-stopped \
-v cassandra:/var/lib/cassandra --net squirreldb cassandra



The preferred method to install SquirrelDB is Docker.

# Set the address of your Cassandra servers here, separated by commas.

docker run -d --name squirreldb -p --restart unless-stopped \
--net squirreldb -e SQUIRRELDB_CASSANDRA_ADDRESSES bleemeo/squirreldb


You can install SquirrelDB binary using the latest Github release for your platform.

For example, if you are on a x86-64 platform:

sudo wget \
-O /usr/local/bin/squirreldb
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/squirreldb