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vSphere monitoring

Glouton can retrieve facts and metrics of hosts and VMs, using the API exposed by vCenters and ESXIs.


To enable vSphere monitoring, you need to add the following section to your Bleemeo agent configuration:

- url: "https://<vcenter-url>/sdk"
username: "<username>"
password: "<password>"
insecure_skip_verify: false
skip_monitor_vms: false

Note that you can add multiple vCenter appliances.



Metric nameDescription
cpu_usedPercentage of CPU capacity being used by the host
mem_totalTotal reservation, available and consumed, for powered-on VMs on the host
mem_used_percPercentage of memory being used by the host
swap_inAmount of memory swapped in by the host
swap_outAmount of memory swapped out by the host
io_read_bytesAmount of data read from the disk by the host
io_write_bytesAmount of data written to the disk by the host
net_bits_sentAverage rate at which data was transmitted by the host
net_bits_recvAverage rate at which data was received by the host
vms_running_countCount of VM(s) currently running on the host
vms_stopped_countCount of VM(s) currently stopped on the host


Metric nameDescription
cpu_usedCPU utilization by the VM
vsphere_vm_cpu_latency_percPercent of the time the VM is waiting for CPU to be available
mem_used_percPercent of the memory used by the VM
swap_usedAmount of swapped memory of the VM
io_read_bytesAmount read from the disk by the VM
io_write_bytesAmount written to the disk by the VM
net_bits_sentData transmission rate of the VM
net_bits_recvData reception rate of the VM
disk_used_percFilesystem space used in percent


VSphere metrics have the following labels:

  • dcname
  • clustername (Not for standalone ESXIs)
  • esxhostname (Only for hosts and VMs)
  • vmname (Only for VMs)

Additionally, metrics related to datastore, network or disk have an item label, which whether represents:

  • a specific datastore
  • a network interface
  • a disk
  • a partition