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Stack Metrics

Stack dashboard allows to view the health of a cluster, multiple instances of the same services are shown on one graph. New instances are automatically added to the graph and removed when the instance is removed.

A stack is a name you choose to identify services that should be grouped together.

To inform Bleemeo agent to which stack a service belong, you can:

  • For Dockerized service, you can use labels. For example:
    docker run -d --label glouton.stack=website redis
  • For other services, you need to add the following to your Bleemeo agent configuration (/etc/glouton/conf.d/60-stacks.conf):
    - id: "redis"
    stack: "website"
  • You may also set a stack name for all services running on one service, using stack option. Add in your Bleemeo agent configuration (/etc/glouton/conf.d/60-stacks.conf):
    stack: website