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Migrate the Agent to a New Server

This page explains the steps to follow to keep all your agent's history when you replace an old server by a new one.


Connecting two agents at the same time using the same credentials can cause problems for your monitoring. Make sure you stop the old agent before moving the configuration and state to the new server. Make sure the old agent will not start after the migration.

  1. Stop the agent on the old server.
  2. Copy /var/lib/bleemeo/state.json from the old server to the new server.
  3. Optional: if you have changed the configuration, you may copy the configuration files from the from the old server to the new server (e.g. /etc/glouton).
  4. Repeat the installation steps on the new server.
  5. The migration is now complete. Uninstall the agent on the old server to make sure that it will not that it will not start by mistake.