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Metrics filtering

Bleemeo agent support allowing and denying metrics. For a metrics to be collected, it needs to be explicitly allowed and also it need to not be denied. Said otherwise, deny take precedence over allow.

The number of metrics (default and custom) you can send to the Bleemeo API is limited by your plan (see invoice for more information regarding custom metrics). You should only send metrics that are important to you.

To configure filters, you need to use the metric fields in the configuration:

- cpu_used
- node_cpu_seconds_*
- {__name__="process_count", instance="my_instance"}
- node_cpu_seconds_global
include_default_metrics: true

Each line in allow or deny list is either:

  • a simple metric name. Without {} or *. The metric name must exactly match this name.
  • a pattern, using * but without {}. The * wildcard represents any number of any character (or no character). Useful for prefix.
  • a PromQL metric selector, which allow to filter on labels.

When include_default_metrics is set to true (the default or in the configuration file), filters for default metrics are dynamically generated. The list of default metrics can be found on each metric sources pages.