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Agent Fact

Our agent Glouton will automatically detect facts on the server, they will be updated each time the agent is started and every day. These facts are accessible on an agent's detail information page, they are classified in the following categories:


You will not have all facts on each server, only facts that Glouton has managed to retrieve will be displayed


FactDisplay NameDescription
agent_versionAgent VersionVersion of Agent (Duplicate with Glouton Version)
auto_upgrade_enabledAuto Upgrade EnabledIf true, Glouton will update automatically
fact_updated_atFact Updated AtLast datetime of this facts updated
glouton_versionGlouton VersionVersion of Glouton
installation_formatInstallation FormatHow Glouton is installed on the server (docker, manual, etc)


FactDisplay NameDescription
architectureArchitectureArchitecture of this server (e.g. amd64, arm64...)
cpu_coresCPU CoresNumber of CPU cores
cpu_model_nameCPU Model NameName of CPU model
device_typeDevice TypeSNMP: Type of device (Firewall, Switch, etc)
fqdnFQDNFQDN of this server
hostnameHostnameHostname of this server
memoryMemoryMemory of this server
os_pretty_nameOSName and Version of OS
product_nameProduct NameProduct Name
serial_numberSerial NumberSystem serial number
system_vendorSystem Vendor
timezoneTimezoneTimezone of this server
virtualVirtualType of virtual machine


FactDisplay NameDescription
asnASNAutonomous System, IP identifier
domainDomainDomain name
primary_addressPrimary IP AddressIP address used by the server by default, this IP might be a private IP
primary_mac_addressPrimary MAC Address
public_ipPublic IP Address
scraper_fqdnScraper FQDNSNMP: FQDN of scraper server


FactDisplay NameDescription
container_runtimeContainer Runtime(Docker, ContainerD)
containerd_versionContainerD Version
docker_versionDocker Version


FactDisplay NameDescription
kubelet_versionKubelet Version
kubernetes_cluster_nameKubernetes Cluster NameKubernetes cluster name set in Glouton config
kubernetes_versionKubernetes Version


FactDisplay NameDescription
vsphere_host_versionHost version
vsphere_vmotion_enabledvMotion enabled
vsphere_datastoreDatastore(s)Datastores used by the VM
vsphere_hostHostHost on which the VM is running
vsphere_resource_poolResource poolResource pool in which is the VM
vsphere_vm_nameVM name
vsphere_vm_versionVM versionVirtual hardware version for VMware products compatibility

Cloud Provider​

Amazon Web Services​

FactDisplay NameDescription
aws_ami_idAMI ID
aws_instance_idInstance ID
aws_instance_typeInstance Type
aws_local_hostnameLocal Hostname
aws_public_ipv4Public IPv4
aws_storage_encryptedStorage encryption
aws_storage_typeStorage type
aws_vpc_idVPC ID
aws_vpc_ipv4_cidr_blockVPC IPv4 CIDR Block


FactDisplay NameDescription
azure_instance_idInstance ID
azure_instance_typeInstance Type
azure_local_hostnameLocal Hostname
azure_network_private_ipsNetwork Private IPs
azure_network_private_subnetsNetwork Private Subnets
azure_network_public_ipsNetwork Public IPs
azure_placement_group_idPlacement Group ID

Google Cloud Platform​

FactDisplay NameDescription
gce_instance_idInstance ID
gce_instance_typeInstance Type
gce_local_hostnameLocal Hostname
gce_local_shortnameLocal Shortname
gce_network_public_ipsNetwork Public IPs
gce_network_private_ipsNetwork Private IPs
gce_network_private_subnetsNetwork Private Subnets