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How Bleemeo Monitors Works?

Public probesโ€‹

Bleemeo offers you to monitor latency and availability of your public services from several places in the world:

  • Frankfurt (Germany, Europe)
  • Milan (Italy, Europe)
  • Ohio (USA, America)
  • Paris (France, Europe)
  • Singapore (Singapore, Asia)

You can choose to monitor latency and/or availability individually from each location. By default, check are only activated on probes located in Europe (Frankfurt, Milan and Paris).

When you add a monitor, your external service is frequently (frequency depends on your plan) checked from those places. An alarm is raised when the majority of our probes is failing to contact the service. The monitor dashboard in the Cloud Interface allows you to see response time of your service from the different probes and offer a map view of the responses time.

Private probesโ€‹

You can choose to use your Glouton as probes, this allows you to monitor urls that are only available in the internal network or simply to add places anywhere in the world as long as there is a Glouton on the server.

As in the example below, we have the 5 public probes and 2 private probes (tls01-k8s01 and tls01-web01), both are in France, this allows us to have 3 probes in France for the website.

If we have several probes in the same country, we will display the highest response time for the color in the map.

Example dashboardโ€‹

monitor dashboard