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Metrics with StatsD

Default installation will listen for StatsD metrics and forward them to Bleemeo Cloud platform.

It uses the StatD listener of Telegraf.

The following StatsD metric types are supported:

  • counter: The metric will be "statsd_NAME". It's a rate per second.

  • gauge: The metric will be "statsd_NAME".

  • timing: Multiple metrics will be created:

    • "statsd_NAME_90_percentile": 90 percentile in millisecond. It means 90% of the events took less than this time to complete.
    • "statsd_NAME_count": Rate per second.
    • "statsd_NAME_lower": Minimum time in millisecond.
    • "statsd_NAME_mean": Average time in millisecond.
    • "statsd_NAME_stddev": Standard deviation in millisecond.
    • "statsd_NAME_upper": Maximum time in millisecond.