The notifications page allow you to create new notification rule and modify or delete the existing ones.


Bleemeo creates a default notification rule that notifies by email any problems on all servers the user that signed-up for your account.

In Bleemeo, you can:

Create Notification Rule

The first thing to do on the Create new notification rule is to select the type of notification rule you need:

  1. Be notified for any problem on selected server(s)
  2. Be notified for specified problem on selected server(s)
  3. Be notified when selected server(s) lost connection

Then you need to select the server(s); you can select an individual server or a tag matching several servers. If you let the field empty, the notification rule will apply to all servers.

If you choose to be notified for a specific problem, then you need to select the problem(s). You can be notified for a problem on a specific metric, a service, or a tag matching several of those. Leave this field empty is equivalent to select Be notified for any problem on selected server(s).

Finally you need to select who will be notified and how. For this click on Configure new notification and choose between email or SMS. Both can be added one after another. Enter at least one email address or at least one phone number. The format of the phone number should be: + followed by international code, followed by phone number without the leading zero.

Once done click the Save button. Your new notification rule is added at the end of the list. It is enabled by default.

Actions on Notification Rule

You can enable or disable existing notification rule by clicking on their toggle-btn

You can edit a notification rule by clicking on wrench duplicate one with duplicate and delete one with cross

Notify with Email

Bleemeo can notify of issue by email.

You just have to enter the email address that will receive notifications. This address is not necessarily a user email address. You can, for example, define in your organisation a distribution list that will receive those emails.


Notify with Slack

Bleemeo notifications can be delivered in a Slack channel.

For using notifications with Slack, you need:

  • an existing Slack Team. You can create a Slack Team for free on
  • access as administrator on the slack team to configure incoming web hook
  • a room for receiving notifications (that can be one of the created by default room)
Example of notifications with Slack

For that, you need to define in your Slack configuration an incoming webhook.

In order to do that, go in your Slack team, go in “Apps & Integration”, search for “Webhook” and select “Incoming Webhooks”. Choose a name for your hook, channels you are going to post like in the screenshot below, and save your settings.

Configuring an incoming webhook in Slack

Copy the URL generated by Slack in Bleemeo notification configuration:

Configuring Slack notification in Bleemeo

Notify with Bleemeo Mobile application

Bleemeo is providing an Android mobile application for keeping an eye on your infrastructure everywhere. This mobile application also allows you to receive notifications.

For using notifications with our mobile application, you need:

  • To install the Bleemeo mobile application available on Google Play Store
  • People who will receive notifications must have a Bleemeo account
../../_images/notification_mobile_apps_1.png ../../_images/notification_mobile_apps_2.png

You need to configure your notifications to be delivered with the mobile application:


Notify with SMS

Bleemeo notifications can be delivered by SMS.

You need to enter the phone number of the phone that will receive SMS notifications using international phone number format (for example: +33 6 xx xx xx xx).


Notify with HipChat

Bleemeo can send notifications in an HipChat Room.

To receive notifications in a HipChat room, you need:

  • an already setup HipChat team chat. You can create a free HipChat room here:
  • access as administrator to the HipChat to configure your room
  • a configured token to send notification to your room (document here explain how to create the token)
Example of notification with HipChat

As administrator of your Team HipChat, you need to add a token that allows to send message to a room:

Configure a token for sending notifications in HipChat

And then copy-paste this token in Bleemeo to configure the notification:

Configuration of HipChat notification in Bleemeo

Notify with Jabber

Bleemeo can send notification in a Jabber room (and not yet to a person directly).

To receive notifications in a Jabber room, you need:

  • a jabber account on your server. This account will be used as notification sender.
  • a jabber server reachable from internet.
  • a jabber room already set and configured where your users are sitting.

Here is an example of jabber notifications:

Example of Jabber notification

To configure your jabber notifications in Bleemeo, you just have to enter your chatroom JID, you user JID and your password as shown in the example below:

Configuration of Jabber notification in Bleemeo

Notify with Webhook

Bleemeo can send notifications by calling an external webhook. A post containing event data will be done on the configured URL. All you need to enter is an URL that will receive HTTP POST and a name that will be displayed in the notifications list.

Configure Webhooks notifications in Bleemeo

Here is an example of json of an event:


  "id": "dbe276e4-4b47-48dd-8469-e3e358224178",
  "account": "8f63c7da-700c-4fa6-a4d5-c15db2652d15",
  "agent": "951df56d-d5dd-58c3-ab9a-8f2c8a6e478b",
  "metric": "4bec41e4-4efc-4bb8-b872-186aa54779a6",
  "status": 0,
  "status_text": "OK",
  "text": "Current value: 0.00",
  "title": " - Pending system security updates is OK",
  "status_changed_at": "2017-03-30T13:59:19Z",
  "previous_status_changed_at": "2017-03-30T13:56:19Z",
  "number_status_change_last_hour": 2,
  "has_been_notified": true,
  "created_at": "2017-03-30T13:59:22.268468Z",
  "created_by": null,
  "modified_at": "2017-03-30T14:00:35.061088Z",
  "modified_by": null,
  "happened_at": "2017-03-30T13:59:19Z"


Notify with PagerDuty

PagerDuty is a platform that helps you to manage your incidents. Check their website for a complete presentation:

Bleemeo can send notification to PagerDuty. In PagerDuty, you can define how to deal with the notification, who has to be notified, etc. You need to define your integration key, so we can send data to your PagerDuty account:

Configure PagerDuty notifications in Bleemeo