Custom Dashboard

An example of a custom dashboard

A custom dashboard is a grid where you add widgets.

Widget Creation

  • To create a new widget, start by clicking on + Widget

  • Fill the fields on the modal dialog that appeared.

  • Click on + Metric to add a new metric to the widget.

  • The No metric box is replace by a new form about the metric:

① select the agent
② select the metric (this input is disabled when no agent is selected)
③ choose a color (optional)
④ choose an operation that will be apply to the values (optional). Some operations takes an argument.
⑤ Finish by clicking the Add button
  • You can add multiple metrics to the widget by repeating the previous steps.

  • Once you are done, click on Save widget to add your new widget to the dashboard. New widget appears at the end of the dashboard.

Actions on Widget

To edit a widget, click on its wrench. A dialog similar to the one for the creation will open.

To delete a widget, click on the cross. A dialog to confirm the deletion will open.

Grid Edition

To enable the grid editing click on Edit grid

Once in grid editing mode, you can resize widgets using the handle on their right lower corner and you can move them by clicking anywhere else.

At the end, save or cancel by clicking the corresponding buttons.