Agent Views

For each agent, when you click on its name on agent list, you access a page with four tabs of information about the agent.



Displays a dashboard automatically created during agent registration. This dashboard show the main system metrics of your server with gauges and graphs. By default the last 1 hour is shown, but you can choose 6 hours, 1 day, 7 days or even a custom duration between two dates. No more than 7 days of data can be selected.


On the top, four gauges show the current value for the percentage of CPU used, percentage of memory used and percentage of IO utilization used and percentage of disk space used on the / partition.

Below several graphs display the following information:

  • processor usage
  • memory usage
  • processes
  • swap usage

For each disk partition:

  • disk utilization
  • disk read bytes
  • disk write bytes
  • disk read number
  • disk write number
  • disk space

For each network interface:

  • network traffic
  • network packets
  • network errors


Displays different information about your server like the list of detected services with their status, the list of tags, a smiley indicating the global status and the list of facts.


You can also edit or delete the agent by clicking the two buttons on the top right.


Displays all the metrics for this agent, grouped by category.


If the metric has a status, it is displayed after its name in a colored badge.

For each metric you can edit its thresholds by clicking on the blue pen. Thresholds are used to determined the status of a metric depending on its value.


Displays a htop like view with colored bars for the CPU, the memory and the swap and a list of all processes running on your server below.


The list can be sorted (default sort is on %CPU) and filtered (on PID, username and command) with a search field. Below the list, the arrow_down allow to display the whole list instead of just the first 20 processes.