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After log in you end up on the home page providing an overview of your infrastructure monitored by Bleemeo.

Panel image

On the left side you have a list of icons to access the main features of Bleemeo:

home iconHome page
server iconAgents
dashboard iconCustom Dashboards
status iconStatus Dashboard
monitors iconMonitors Dashboard
events iconEvents
notification iconNotification
administration iconAdministration

On the upper right corner, you can click your Gravatar to:

  • access your profile
  • access your account
  • access this documentation
  • access the support page
  • change your password
  • setup the two factor authentication
  • log-out

Home Pageโ€‹

It's divided into 2 parts:

On the left, six colored tiles indicate the number of servers by status, the global status and the number of agents and services monitored. Below are the Heatmap events which give you an overview of how often the events occur and at the bottom is the command to execute to set up a new agent.

On the right, a list of the last events that occurred on your monitored infrastructure. Each event is clickable to display more information.