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Dashboards Templates

On this page you can see a list of your dashboards templates, create a new one, edit or delete the existing ones.

Default Dashboardโ€‹

Each Agent is in a server group, a server group has a dashboard template named with "Dashboard" + server group name, this dashboard is a "system dashboard", you can modify this in dashboard templates list.

dashboard templates list

If you modify the default dashboard, all your agents with the Tag Group: Default will have their dashboard modified.

Create Dashboard Templateโ€‹

A dashboard template is created with the same workflow as a dashboard custom, but PromQL queries should use $INSTANCE_UUID instead of a specific instance. Example:


$INSTANCE_UUID is replaced automatically by the agent UUID.


You can add tags to a dashboard template, if an agent has one of these tags, the dashboard will be displayed on the agent view.

If my agent has the tags Linux and Docker, and I add the tag Linux on Dashboard template, this dashboard will be displayed in the agent view.

Edit Dashboard Templateโ€‹

You can click on edit to edit the widget.

dashboard templates list

If you want to edit a widget of a dashboard template automatically created, you will see multiple PromQL, one for each OS (Linux, Windows and MacOS), only the PromQL which returns data will be displayed.

edit widget