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Custom Dashboards

On this page you can see a list of your custom dashboards, create a new one, edit or delete the existing ones.

Compared to the dashboards you will find in the agent views, those custom dashboards are completely customizable: you can add metrics from different agents, from different sources.

Here is an example of a custom dashboard here

dashboard list

You can click on a dashboard to display it as below.

custom dashboard

Edit Dashboardsโ€‹

For edit custom dashboard, you can use simple mode:

custom dashboard edit simple

Or advanced mode with PromQL:

custom dashboard edit advanced

Stack Dashboardsโ€‹

On this page you can see a list of your stack dashboards. A stack dashboard shows a view of your application stack across all servers.

A stack is defined in the agent configuration. Check the agent configuration page for the details on how to configure this stack. The goal of a stack dashboard is to follow your infrastructure growth or changes and adapt the content of the graphs without any manual change.

stack dashboard