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Voucher "Trial"

At the account creation, a "Trial" voucher of 30€ is added to your account with "Professional" plan. This voucher is valid for 2 month or until you finish your credits.

This credit is equivalent to a usage of 3 servers for 1 full month with "Professional" plan.

Voucher Trial

You are limited to 3 servers and 5 monitors when you don't have payment mean. If you add a payment mean, this limitation will be removed and you will be able to add up to 100 servers and 20 monitors. Your Trail voucher will still be used until it expires or until you finish your credits. If you need more servers and monitors, please contact our support team.

Switch to free

If your voucher is completely used or its end date is passed, your account will automatically switch to the "Free" plan. You can after adding a payment mean switch back to any plan at any time.