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In Bleemeo, you can choose one of our plan described in our website. Each plan includes different features, different metrics precisions and support level.

All servers of an account are using the same plan. It is not possible to have several plans in the same account.

After your signup, you are subscribed to a "Professional" plan with a voucher of 30€. Check the trial page for the details.

You can change plan at anytime by going to subscriptions in our panel.

On this view, you have possibility to change plan (except Free plan that does not requires any of those)

  • If you have enter a VAT number and a credit card
  • If you still have vouchers that are not totaly used.


This change will be valid in the hour after your change, as we invoice the usage per hour.

If you have added many servers and monitors, you will not be able to downgrade to the free plan, it is limited to 3 servers and 5 monitors. You will need to remove the servers and monitors before you can switch.