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Invoice Processing

When one of your server is connected during one hour, your are charged for the metrics it sends to us. If you connect a server for one hour, you only pay for one hour. We have a monthly cap, if your server is connected during all month you pay the same price as if it was connected for 28 days.

The amount of the invoice is related to the plan your account is using. You can switch plan at any time in the month. Change will be taken into account in the next hour regarding the billing.


For professional plan or custom plans, you have containers included in the price of the plans.

For example, for the professional plan, you have 20 simultaneous containers included. If you have more than 20 containers, the additional containers will be charged 0.0007 € per hour of use, or approximately 0.50 € per month.

This price and the number of containers included may vary for a custom plan, please contact us for that.


All plans are entitled to 5 free monitors regardless of the number of agents (paying or not). But if the account has a paid plan, it can to have as many free monitors as there are agents connected, which varies every hour.

The additional monitors will be charged 0.0014€ per hour, or approximately 1€ per month.

This price and the number of monitors included may vary for a custom plan, please contact us for that.


  • Professional plan account, with 1 agent up all the time, he has 5 free monitors. And he pays for these additional monitors.
  • Starter account with 4 agents up all the time and 4 agents up half the time and with 8 monitors for the whole month: he pays only 3 monitors half of the month.
  • Free account, always blocked at 5 monitors.


Like a Glouton, a SNMP Agent is billed hourly, but you need a Glouton to scrape your SNMP device.

If you have 4 SNMP devices to monitor, it will cost 1 Glouton at 10€99 (pro) or 4€99 (starter), then 4 SNMP agents at 4€99 (pro) or 3€99 (starter).


You can access to your invoices in the settings in the panel. At the end of the month invoices are sent to the billing contact and to administrators by email.

In the invoice, you will find the total hours of your Bleemeo usage in the month.

You can see & download your invoices and invoices details.

Invoices List

Invoices Details

In the invoice details, you have details for each agent, like the number of hours per plan and the price for each agent.