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Using StatsD with Bleemeo​

Default installation will listen for StatsD metrics and forward them to Bleemeo Cloud platform.

Bleemeo agent uses the StatsD listener of Telegraf.

To use a StatsD client with Bleemeo, all you need is to point your StatsD client to your Bleemeo monitoring agent. Listener is activated by default on StatsD default port (8125).

It can be customized in the telegraf section of the monitoring agent configuration:

enable: true
address: ""
port: 8125

StatsD metrics supported​


When you activate your StatsD metrics, remember you also need to allow those metrics to go to the Cloud platform allowing them in the metric section of your monitoring agent, as described below.

The following StatsD metric types are supported:

  • counter: The metric will be "statsd_NAME". It's a rate per second.

  • gauge: The metric will be "statsd_NAME".

  • timing: Multiple metrics will be created:

    • "statsd_NAME_90_percentile": 90 percentile in millisecond. It means 90% of the events took less than this time to complete.
    • "statsd_NAME_count": Rate per second.
    • "statsd_NAME_lower": Minimum time in millisecond.
    • "statsd_NAME_mean": Average time in millisecond.
    • "statsd_NAME_stddev": Standard deviation in millisecond.
    • "statsd_NAME_upper": Maximum time in millisecond.

To activate the metrics you want to see in Bleemeo, add in the metric section of the configuration of the monitoring agent:

- statsd_visitors_count
- statsd_visitors_lower
include_default_metrics: true