Android Mobile Application

Bleemeo offers an Android application to track your infrastructure from everywhere. Our dashboard is responsive, but for example for notifications, the native mobile application still have some advantages.

The Bleemeo mobile application is available on Google Play Store:

We are working on getting also an iPhone application.

The mobile application allows you to view (but not to configure):

  • your infrastructure status dashboard

  • the events in your infrastructure (notified or not)

  • view your agents list

  • view your agents dashboards

Status Dashboard

Same synthetic view you have on the web: you can view all issues on your infrastructure or switch between all checks/issues/warning/critical.


You can refer to the documentation of the web status dashboard for more information Status Dashboard.


On this page you can see a list of your agents.

For each agent you can see if it’s currently online or not, the server name, the values for the main metrics, and the list of services with their status.


You have also a detailed view for each agent with services status and a second tab with simplified dashboard:

../_images/android_agent_details.png ../_images/android_agent_dashboard.png

You can refer to the documentation of the web view of agents for more information Agent Views.


On this page you can see a list events of your infrastructure. Each time state change for a check, you got an event. Some event may be notified (those with a bell icon) or not (those with a striped icon)