Upgrade Agent on CentOS with Packages

This page details step to upgrade Bleemeo agent and its dependencies on a CentOS system.

Before upgrading Bleemeo agent, please check that you meet the system requirements.

The agent works with your native packaging tools. For CentOS the agent uses rpm packages.

Upgrade Your System

The agent could be upgraded with the rest of your system with:

$ sudo yum update


This will upgrade all installed software, not only Bleemeo agent. While it’s a best practice to keep you system up-to-date, be aware that some service may be restarted during the upgrade and may cause disruption.

Upgrade only the Agent

If you want to only upgrade Bleemeo agent and its primary dependencies, you may use:

$ sudo yum update bleemeo-agent bleemeo-agent-telegraf telegraf python36-paho-mqtt