Upgrade Agent

We recommend to keep your Agent and its dependencies up-to-date to benefit for improved security, reliability and performance.

You should upgrade the Agent itself but all its dependencies also. See detailed instruction below.

Standard Method

If you installed Bleemeo agent with the standard method, it’s using your system packaging tools. Therefore upgrade is done by those tools (apt, yum, dnf…).

For detailed instruction per distribution:


On Windows, the upgrade is done by running the newer installer. See Upgrade Agent on Windows for details.

Using Docker

When using Docker, you will need to pull new images before re-creating containers. See Upgrade Agent Using Docker for details.

Manual Method

If you did a manual installation by following our steps, Bleemeo agent is installed using pip. Therefore you could use pip to upgrade it:

$ sudo /opt/bleemeo-agent/bin/pip install -U git+https://github.com/bleemeo/bleemeo-agent.git@stable#egg=bleemeo-agent[bleemeo]

Then restart the agent:

$ sudo -u bleemeo pkill bleemeo-agent
$ sudo -u bleemeo /opt/bleemeo-agent/bin/bleemeo-agent