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SNMP Monitoring

Installation on Debian/Ubuntuโ€‹

In order to monitor a network device with SNMP, you will need:

  • a Bleemeo "Glouton" agent connected to an existing Bleemeo account. We recommends to use an agent that will be dedicated to network devices monitoring.
  • you will need to deploy a Prometheus SNMP exporter that will be in charge of fetching metrics from the device.

You need to activate SNMP on your devices and use "public" as community for v2 SNMP.

SNMP exporter need to be able to reach network devices with SNMP (UDP port 161). The Bleemeo agent need to be able to reach the SNMP exporter on port 9116. We recommends to deploy your SNMP exporter on the same server that is running the Bleemeo agent sending data to the Cloud.

After you installed Glouton, you can install snmp-exporter with this command.

$ apt update
$ apt-get install snmp-exporter

After installing agent and SNMP exporter, you need to define the devices you want to monitor in agent configuration. You can add as many snmp agents as you want on a Glouton.

$ sudo mkdir -p /etc/glouton/conf.d
$ sudo tee /etc/glouton/conf.d/snmp.conf << EOF
- initial_name: AP Wifi
target: $SNMP_IP
- initial_name: Office Printer
target: $SNMP_IP

After adding your configuration you need to restart glouton agent:

$ sudo systemctl restart glouton