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SNMP Monitoring (Beta)

Installation on Debian/Ubuntu

To add agent SNMP, we need:

  • a Glouton
  • SNMP exporter

We advise you to have the snmp-exporter on a machine in the same data center as your snmp agents to scrap.

After you installed Glouton, you can install snmp-exporter with this command.

$ apt update
$ apt-get install snmp-exporter

And add this in conf.d, you can add as many snmp agents as you want on a Glouton.

$ sudo mkdir -p /etc/glouton/conf.d
$ sudo tee /etc/glouton/conf.d/snmp.conf << EOF
- initial_name: AP Wifi
target: $SNMP_IP
- initial_name: Office Printer
target: $SNMP_IP