Migrate Agent to a New Server

This page explains the steps to keep all history of your agent when you replace an old server with a new one.


Connecting two agents at the same time using the same credentials is source of trouble in your monitoring. Make sure to stop the previous agent before moving configuration and state.json to the new machine. Make sure old agent won’t start after migration.

  1. Stop agent on old server.

  2. Copy /var/lib/bleemeo/state.json from old server to new one.

  3. (optional) If you had done any change to configuration, copy configuration files from old server to new one (e.g. /etc/bleemeo/agent.conf.d/*.conf).

  4. Reproduce the installation step on the new server. For standard method see Bleemeo Agent Installation.

  5. Migration is now completed. Uninstall agent on the old server to be sure it won’t start by mistake. See Uninstall Agent