Bleemeo Agent Installation for Cloud Image Creation

By default when installing Bleemeo agent, it will immediately start and register itself with Bleemeo Cloud platform. However this is not wanted when Bleemeo agent is installed while creating a cloud image (for example an AMI with AWS). In this case the agent should only start and register once the image is used to create a new machine.

To address this use case, the installation script allow to install Bleemeo agent and avoid its startup and registration while still running on same machine used to create the cloud image.


Using this method will write your Bleemeo account credentials needed for the agent to register itself on the disk. Anyone with access to the image could register a server on your Bleemeo account.


Before installing Bleemeo agent, please check that you meet the system requirements.

To install Bleemeo agent while creating a cloud image:

  • Login to your Bleemeo account and go to home page.

  • Take the wget […] | sh command and add &cloudimageCreation=1 to the parameters.

  • Run the resulting wget -qO- “<YOUR ACCOUNT_ID>&registrationKey=<YOUR_REGISTRATION_KEY>&cloudimageCreation=1 | sh command on your server. When administrator privileges are required, you will be asked to enter su ou sudo password.

  • The Agent is installed but won’t start while still running on the same machine. It will only start and register itself for each new machine created from the image.