Bleemeo Agent Installation

Bleemeo agent is an open-source software that runs on each of your monitored servers. It gathers information from your servers and send it to Bleemeo Cloud platform.

We recommend installing agent by following instructions on this page. If you use Docker, you can use Docker method. But if those methods don’t fit your needs, see manual method which explains how to install the Bleemeo agent with standard tools.


Before installing Bleemeo agent, please check that you meet the system requirements.

To install Bleemeo agent with our official install script:

  • Login to your Bleemeo account and go to home page.
  • Run the wget -qO- “<YOUR ACCOUNT_ID>&registrationKey=<YOUR_REGISTRATION_KEY>” | sh command on your server. When administrator privileges are required, you will be asked to enter su ou sudo password.
  • Agent is installed and configured for your Bleemeo account. You could check it on Agent list.


We recommend to use our shell script that handle the installation for you:

wget -qO- "<YOUR ACCOUNT_ID>&registrationKey=<YOUR_REGISTRATION_KEY>" | sh
This command will:
  • add a Bleemeo package repositories
  • install required packages (telegraf and bleemeo-agent by default)
  • create configuration file for your account.

If you want to execute those step manually or integrate them into your configuration management tools (Puppet, Salt, Ansible…), look at