Install Agent on Windows

Before installing Bleemeo agent, please check that you meet the system requirements.

Bleemeo agent can be installed on Windows with a classical installer. An unattended installation is also available.

Bleemeo also provides official images on Docker Hub.

Running Installer

Download the installer on Bleemeo.

This installer is a bundle of: * Bleemeo agent will all python dependencies * Python environment to execute the code * Telegraf, the metric collector used by Bleemeo

Run the installer, a wizard will ask you to enter your account ID and your registration key as shown above:

../../_images/agent-install-windows-step1.png ../../_images/agent-install-windows-step2.png

Unattended Installation

Installer can be run with option to hide wizard (useful if you are deploying on several servers):

bleemeo-agent_latest.exe /ACCOUNT=ABC-ADF /REGKEY=ABC-DEF /S

You need to replace your account ID and your registration key in the command live above.